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Commerical Vehicles
  • Good Citizens in Our Communities

    We respect our environment and encourage efforts to make the communities in which we operate better places for all who live in them.

  • Pride in Belonging

    We acknowledge the uniqueness of each person and the value that each brings to our organization. We recognize individual and team efforts made toward answering our challenges and achieving our objectives. We take time to celebrate our successes.

  • Success Defined in Our Own Terms

    Always underlying our business decisions is the understanding that growth without corresponding profit is not healthy.

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

    By sharing information, seeking input and collaborating together, we create an exceptional entrepreneurial environment where people put ideas to work.

  • Importance of Our Partner Relationships

    We recognize the vital importance of our outside partner relationships, which include our customers, suppliers, advisors, alliance partners, and other outside stakeholders. It is in our long-term best interest that our partners are successful, just as it is in their interests that our company remains strong.

  • Honesty & Respect

    We are honest with all people in our organization and all people we come into contact with from outside the organization.We are true to our word. We are respectful of others. We work to build trusting relationships.

  • Consistency & Fairness

    We make every effort to be fair with people and consistent in the application of our policies.

  • Authority, Responsibility & Obligation to Listen

    We align authority with responsibility. Where decision authority ultimately resides depends on who has responsibility to achieve results. We expect decisions and actions to be consistent with our overall strategy and in concert with our values.

UTM Teknik

It offers its 25 years of experience in the trade of technical hardware and chemical products to its customers. To facilitate and improve the business of its customers with its company-specific services, professional business development solutions and a wide range of products. In addition, it is to provide the convenience of industrial organizations to purchase many various products from a single source.

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